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U.S. Citizen Militia Ranks Growing At Fastest Pace Ever
 by M.L. Chizedek  04/20/2021
A recently completed survey-assessment of U.S. citizen militias performed by HGA Network clearly indicates that U.S. citizens are flocking to standing "ready" citizen militia's in droves since the 2020 Presidential election across all regions of the nation.

Patriotic America Citizens are desperately seeking a way to fight back against NWO government tyranny in which U.S. federal, many state, and, many local governments have become blatantly obvious in inflicting such tyranny upon their constituents.

And the NWO Beast vs We The People war rages hotter than ever.
Many State citizen militia's are unable to keep up with current recruitment demands. New "Small" militia units are being formed across all regions of the U.S. Republic at a frantic pace within neighborhoods, urban areas, rural communities, &, counties, many in accordance too "HGA Militia Good Neighbor Theory", as desperate NWO Beast forces continue their "Divide & Conquer" strategy to incite a violent race/civil war in the U.S. Republic to distract from the now 57-year old class war they have been waging against the
Working Middle Class and Working Poorer Class American peoples.
It is difficult to judge the growing rate of nationally networked citizen militia's such as Oath Keepers and III Percent Patriots as such groups wisely tend to keep such information close to themselves, but, from recently surveying many peoples in many states we have never seen such an inerest in particularly these two national groups before. Logic would only point to the ranks of these two most popular groups currently growing at a fast rate as well. Lending to this growth logic is the fact that DOJ/Deep State officials are ramping up efforts to combat American Citizen Militias starting with these two as can be found in this recent article from Military News:  "Oath Keeper Is 1st Suspect to Plead Guilty in Capitol Riot  by Michael Balsomo & Alanna Durkin Richer  04/16/2021"
Sheriff Mack and the CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association) are drawing standing room only crowds at many of their events across the nation. Constitutional Sheriffs being key to reclaiming the U.S. Constitution for We The People. HGA highly suggest all concerned We The People Patriots join the CSPOA posse ASAP. To join the CSPOA sign up at their website at this link: CSPOA.org  Many video's, podcasts, and, free e-books are available at this site explaining the movement, their history, what you as Patriots can do in your own counties to shut down government tyranny starting today, and, much more.
Mid 2020 we became aware of what appears to be a re-organization of the group known as "Watchmen of America" (watch WOA America Rising Video). This Patriot group has the right idea's concerning networking militias across all regions of the U.S. We are in the late stages of vetting this re-organization. Currently we feel comfortable enough to be in support of the philosophy of this organization, and, would suggest that all concerned We The People Patriots consider this organization, if comfortable support this start-up and help it rapidly grow.  "Watchmen Of America.org".
According to recent Gallup polling church membership in the U.S. has been on a sharp decline in the 21st Century. We at HGA consider these Gallup poll findings very intriguing, giving somewhat to a more hopeful state of spiritual awareness, and, belief in Jesus Christ being on the rise in the 21st Century. We have found that among the younger generations in America many are pursuing a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and, are more aware of their "Spiritual Self" than has been traditional religious practices in the U.S. Organized Christian Religion has been long failing the spiritual needs of We The People here in the U.S. giving rise to this NWO Beast consuming the righteous.
More and more social media platforms are coming on line to serve as alternatives to such as Facebook, and, Twitter where conservative, patriotic, &, spiritual ideas are not allowed often being censored. These new social networking platforms have given rise to a new form of citizen militia we at HGA refer to as "Warriors In The Clouds" or simply "Cloud Warriors". Almost as if a natural occurrence Cloud Warrior Patriots have taken to many of these new social media platforms daily performing such citizen militia duties as: Information Warfare/Psyops, Intelligence Gathering & Sharing, Signalling Ops, &, Communications. "VICTORY within sight! The RE-PLATFORMING of America!"